Australian Stallion Fund

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A Comprehensive Approach to Stallion Investment


The aim of the Australian Stallion Fund is to create an entirely new and unique alternative investment fund that delivers a competitive risk-adjusted return. The fund aims to generate a 10% p.a. cash yield and IRR of 15% p.a. (net of fees) over 5 years.

The Australian Stallion Fund seeks to achieve this outcome for investors through:

  • Leveraging economies of scale: the expected size and frequency with which the ASF will invest grants the fund the ability to negotiate deals which would be inaccessible to most investors;

  • Financial and Thoroughbred expertise: The members of the ASF investment and advisory committee have over 50 years financial market and thoroughbred industry experience;

  • Partnerships: The ASF has established and developed close relationships with Australia’s leading studs;

  • Expert Networks: The will use its deep connections in the Australian thoroughbred industry to ensure factors that are (or may) impacting up the industry are identified and understood.




Why Invest in Australian Stallions?


In the last decade, the Australian thoroughbred industry has been characterised by:

  • Increasing prize money at all levels of racing (Australia now top 3 globally);

  • Increasing sales prices for yearlings;

  • Increasing service fee’s paid for desirable sires;

  • Economic Significance. The industry adds billions in GDP, employs over 70,000

    Australians and brings international recognition, tourists and investors from across the world

    (source: Racing Australia Fact Book 2017/2018)

The ASF believes this has created a virtuous cycle for investment in stallions and has made the industry more robust and desirable.

Prize Money (AUD Millions)